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Things to Do When Going to a Car Repair Shop

In the life of car owners, auto repair professionals hold a great importance. It is just impossible to maintain longevity and soundness of automobile, without proper <b><a href="http://www.preferredmuffler.ca/">car repair Oakville</a> </b>services. In order to keep your auto in the best possible shape, you need to opt for a top-quality and cost-effective auto repair shop. Once you are done with finding a great auto repair shop, you need to deal with professionals in certain manners. You need to the following: <br><br>

<li><b>Communication Counts</b><br><br>


Ask questions, a lot of questions and keep those questions coming until you get the satisfying and convincing answers. It’s your car and you have all rights to know what exactly the problem is and what solutions are possible. If you know all these things, then you will have best possible auto care services, you will know the exact condition of your vehicle and most importantly you will have a good idea about the cost of your service bill will be. <br><br>

<li><b>Have Your Priorities Sorted </b> <br><br>


This is important, enlist all your priorities and also the things you want to be done or things you want to remain untouched. Covey all your requirements and priorities to the services provider and tell him to work within these limitations only. If you need <a href="http://www.preferredmuffler.ca/"><b>Auto Repair Oakville</b></a>, and it’s a priority for you then do not think about any other repair at the time. <br><br>

<li><b>Estimate and Work Order</b><br><br>


Talk to your service provider and have cost estimation beforehand. Don’t just surprise yourself with a huge bill at the end of the service. It is not awkward at all to ask for services charges in advance. <br><br>

<li><b>Inspect Well </b> <br><br>

After the complication of work, you do the complete inspection of your vehicle. Make sure all those things are done for which you have been charged for by the repair person. <br><br>

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Know About the Benefits of Auto Detailing Services for Your Car

Proper functionality and aesthetic appearance of your car plays a significant role to achieve an overall driving experience. In order to keep your car in perfect shape and ensure its functionality, you should consider to obtain the best results an auto detailing from a reputed auto body shop. Professional auto detailing services can completely restore both interior and exterior appearance of your car and make it look brand new.<br><br>

Auto detailing is a process that involves thorough <a href="http://www.drdetailinc.com/services/pressure-washing/"><b>power washing service Toronto</b></a> and reconditioning of your vehicle. By employing meticulous step-by-step procedure, a professional auto detailer can help you restore the overall appearance of your car while also protecting your investment. To highlight the benefits of auto detailing, here are few aspects that should be considered while availing auto detailing services.<br><br>
<li><b>Preserve Paint Surfaces</b>: The exterior paint of your car can be affected by dust, debris or dirt from the road. To keep your car safe from these tiny dings and scratches, you should schedule professional auto detailing services. This provides your car with a protective barrier and a sparkling finish.<br><br>
<li><b>Preserve Value:</b> If you want to sell your car in future, then opting for auto detailing is a great idea to preserve the value of your car. A car which is in proper working condition and has good aesthetics looks more appealing to its buyers. <br><br>
<li><b>Restore Interior Comfort:</b> If you are noticing that there is some dirt built-up on your dashboard and seats are looking untidy, then consider professional auto detailing services. This helps you restore the interior comfort of your car while making it look clean and fresh. <br><br>
Whether you want to sell your car, or just have purchased a pre-owned car or simply want to restore your vehicle appearance; opting for professional auto detailing services helps you enjoy the best driving experience in your car. There are few auto detailing shops available that claim to be the best in offering top quality services for the same, but nothing can beat the services offered by Dr. Detail. <br><br>

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IMAGINE relaxing safe wow gold in a tiny private cove, on a lava beach near the mists of a waterfall. The sun is shining, a tropical bird cries somewhere in the distance and the cares of the working world seem a million miles away.
It's an idyllic vacation spot, but the best thing about it is that it takes less than five minutes to get there from anywhere in the world. In fact, you can reach it without ever leaving your home. That's because it exists not in any physical location but in one of the many virtual worlds that millions of people now travel to every day with the help of nothing more than a decent computer graphics card and a broadband Internet connection.
Though most of these worlds take the form of multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft or Star Wars Galaxies, a few are simply open 3 D environments whose members can get away from it all in a place filled with colorful diversions and other cyberexplorers like themselves. Even in game worlds, many players log on not to slay orcs or blow up death stars but to spend time with friends, see the sights and take a small vacation without ever stepping foot outside their door.
More than 10 million people around the world travel to such imaginary destinations regularly. They get there via software that lets them guide their onscreen representatives, known as ''avatars,'' through places built entirely of pixels where they can interact with one another. Their destinations include virtual dance parties and nightclubs, auto races and yachting events, ''Star Wars'' style cantinas, whimsical underwater jazz clubs and much more.
In a world called Second Life, especially (where the virtual Hawaii described above can be found), so many people visit that profitable businesses have sprung up that earn their proprietors real money, not just virtual currency in fact, a handful of people earn six figure incomes there. There are discos, casinos and other sites that can be rented for private parties or even for the virtual weddings many people hold. ''But mostly it's a place I can meet my friends and just have a good time.''
One California woman, whose avatar is known as SweetBrown1 Mfume, spends many of her after work and weekend hours socializing with friends in Second Life. (Like most of the people interviewed for this article, the woman asked to be referred to only by her avatar's name. Each person's identity has been verified.) In cyberspace, she said, she can spend time with them no matter their differences in location or time zone.
Edward Castronova, associate professor of telecommunications at Indiana University, uses a game world in a similar way. He is often away from home at conferences, and from time to time will keep in touch with his wife by meeting up with her in the online game World of Warcraft. To Mr. Castronova, such worlds are more than just games. ''These things are really communications devices,'' he said.
Entering a world like Second Life is relatively simple. Software is downloaded over a cable modem or other broadband connection, and on first entering, new members find themselves at a place called Orientation Island.
After a few minutes spent mastering the basic techniques of movement and how to give your avatar a rudimentary makeover, you're released into the wider virtual world to explore the sights and sounds of a place that contains the virtual equivalent of 25 square miles of land and is growing every day.
PRACTICALLY everything in Second Life's world was created by its residents, who come from 80 countries around the (real) world. Linden Lab, the company that runs Second Life's world, provides a set of content creation tools that its members have used to create everything from nightclubs and movie theaters to coffee shops and bars to airships, automobiles and clothing stores, a few museums and one or two libraries and nature preserves.
The company itself creates practically none of the buildings and other sites in Second Life, but provides only the rolling landscape on which the more ambitious of its members build.
On FairChang Island, for instance, one of the 1,000 plus ''regions'' of Second Life (each covering 16 virtual acres), a simple mouse click allows members to purchase virtual sailboats that can be sailed around the waters of the virtual world. Prices start at less than a penny, and the money goes to the ''resident'' who created the item. Payments are made using a virtual currency called ''Linden dollars'' that can be bought and sold freely with real money on eBay and other sites.
In contrast to most virtual worlds, Linden Lab doesn't mind having its currency bought and sold, and even grants Second Life members ownership of the intellectual property rights to whatever they create in the world. But to create anything of permanence, members must ''own'' a plot of virtual land (on which they must then pay monthly fees).
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Chubb, Michel relied on friendship to overcome ‘tough times’

Nick Chubb and Sony Michel, for as stellar as the two have been over the past four years, wondered if the rigors of their first http://www.goldenknightsproshops.com/shea-theodore-c-1_23.html preseason were worth enduring.
Like any true freshman in the moment, the two – roommates then as they are now – pondered their football futures. The two five-star recruits, entering the 2014 season, were third- and fourth-string on the depth chart behind Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall. They weren’t accustomed to the physicality and harsh realities of college football. While the thought may have never been serious enough for Chubb and Michel to actually walk away from the game, those first few practices served as a humbling experience for a couple of players accustomed to praise and accolades.
“Every football player will understand that camp freshman year sucks. At one point, we didn’t like it. We wanted to stop playing football,” Michel said. “We were both going through it at the same time while grinding through it, pushing through it, jumping over that wall, because every freshman hits that wall.”
The friendship Chubb and Michel developed during the recruiting process, which spilled over to when they enrolled at Georgia, helped tremendously early on. Michel said the two running backs may have hit that initial wall, but had each other to help “climb that wall.”
Michel dealt with injuries as a freshman – as did Keith Marshall, to go with a four-game suspension for Todd Gurley. That thrust Chubb into the spotlight for a start against Missouri.
That was when the legend of Chubb was born, with the Cedartown native going off for 143 yards and a touchdown in a 34-0 win over Missouri. Chubb ran for 1,547 yards and 14 touchdowns as a freshman and reeled off 745 yards and eight touchdowns through five games as a sophomore. On his first carry at Tennessee, Chubb ran for two yards before suffering a devastating knee injury. Michel filled in as Georgia’s starter from there and finished with 1,161 yards and eight touchdowns as a sophomore.
The two backs have gone on to have tremendous careers at Georgia. As it stands now, Chubb is in second place all-time in Georgia history with 4,469 rushing yards, which stands only behind Herschel Walker’s 5,259. Michel is in fifth place with 3,229 rushing yards, although the likelihood is high to advance to third by the time the 2017 season wraps up. Michel is only three yards behind No.4 Garrison Hearst (3,232) and 56 yards behind No. 3 Gurley (3,285) on the Georgia all-time rushing list.
It goes without saying that it is a rare feat for two backs to put up that kind of career yardage simultaneously through four years.
“It’s definitely impressive,” Chubb said. “It’s two guys who came in ready to give it all for this university. We’ve been doing it and it’s http://www.authenticnhlmapleleafsshop.com/mike-palmateer-jersey-c-1_35.html working out for us.”
Never in Georgia’s history has it had two players rush for over 1,000 yards in the same season. Chubb has already eclipsed this barrier with 1,045 yards. Michel, who has 818 yards, has, at minimum, three more games (Georgia Tech, SEC Championship, at least one bowl game) to total 182 and go over 1,000 for the second time in his career.
Chubb and Michel will go down as two of Georgia’s best running backs to have ever suited up for the program. But for as far as they’ve come, it’s not hard for them to forget the trials and tribulations they endured when they first came to Georgia together.
Fortunately for Georgia, the two friends pushed through that early rough patch together to eventually wind up as one of the best backfield tandems, if not the best, in program history.
“Before we were even able to have any success on the field together we went through the tough times,” Michel said. “It was like we were going to throw this football thing out the window. We both know what we can do. That friendship is what got us closer. This friendship is more important than us being competitors on the field.”

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Capitals Serve Up A Turkey To Begin Thanksgiving Week

In what is turning into one of the NHL’s biggest unsolved mysteries this season, the Washington Capitals did another ‘180’ Monday night and turned any positive vibes they took from their impressive http://www.officialblackhawksshop.com/brent-seabrook-jersey-c-1_8.html outing versus the Minnesota Wild and turned them into mutterings of discontent. The Capitals looked sluggish, clumsy and unfocused in a haphazard 4-1 thrashing by the Calgary Flames. Calgary’s Johnny Gaudreau tallied a goal and an assist to extend his current career-best points streak to 10 games.
The Capitals gave up too many penalties (five of them), gave the puck away too often, were left puck-watching on numerous occasions, and were out-shot 39-30 on a night that must have left Caps fans, coaching staff and backroom bigwigs all scratching their heads.
The evening started out promising enough for the Capitals when Lars Eller scored after just 62 seconds from a dandy Jakub Vrana pass. However, that was before the Flames’ goalie Mike Smith had fully warmed up – because it was all Calgary from that point onward. Smith went on to be first star of the game with 29 saves.
‘Johnny Hockey’ Has A Good Game
Gaudreau’s goal came at 4:49 in the first period to tie the game at one goal apiece. Nicknamed “Johnny Hockey,” he and line-mate Sean Monahan were the best two players on the ice. Monahan scored a power-play goal at 5:22 into the second period – assisted by Gaudreau; a power-play goal by Mikael Backlund with just over four minutes played in the third made the score 3-1 to the Flames, and a fourth goal went in to seal Washington’s fate when Calgary’s captain Mark Giordano scored at 6:39 to bring up the 4-1 scoreline.
What Happened To The Capitals’ Never-Give-Up Style Of Play?
All in all, it was another disastrous performance by the Capitals. This season is proving to be one of the most frustrating in recent memory.
In previous years, the Capitals have gone on extended win streaks, put up some huge scores, recorded a slew of shutouts, lost some close games (but received A+ for effort in them), been number one on the power-play charts, and they’ve always displayed a never-give-up mentality. All of that is missing this term, and it’s hard to come up with any reasons why.
The Defensemen Who Left Washington
One could point the team turning http://www.officialmapleleafsshop.com/william-nylander-jersey-c-1_15.html over six talented players during the offseason, and there is a lot of validity to that argument. Blue-liners Karl Alzner, Kevin Shattenkirk and Nate Schmidt (who all moved on from Washington) turned the puck over a lot less than their replacements Madison Bowey, Taylor Chorney, and Christian Djoos. That is not to disparage Bowey, Chorney and Djoos – it’s merely an analyst attempting to find some sense to apply to a team that is so up and down; so hit or miss.

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The T-Wolves are a" madden mobile coins" complete adolescent squad, so it's acceptable Garnett will acquire affluence of “mentoring” to do affective forward.H/t to For The WinThumbnail photo via Jason Getz/USA TODAY Sports ImagThursday night's 10-candidate Republican mega-debate will be captivated at Quicken Loans Arena, home of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

And accustomed the adapted venue, the arrangement hosting the agitation of presidential hopefuls — FOX Ceremony — adeptness be abacus in a new wrinkle.From The New York Times:To accumulate the agitation on schedule, the Fox aggregation was aswell discussing a accessible accession to the accustomed affable advise complete that signals that a candidate’s

time has expired: the complete shot-clock buzzer acclimated during Cleveland Cavaliers basketball games, which are played at the aloft arena.“You could accomplish it about synergy in that arena: Use the complete aloft buzzer that LeBron James hears on the cloister if the advance alarm runs out,” said (debate co-moderator Bret) Baier, who had arise up

with the abstraction over" nfl mobile coins" banquet Tuesday night at a bounded bistro. (“I was inspired,” he said with a smile, “by a beer.”)A admission afterwards in the Times commodity seemed to betoken that the buzzer will, in fact, be utilized:In accession to the buzzer, the arrangement will acquire a agents affiliate in the ascendancy allowance with a stopwatch, timing the

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Is angry branch into Buy MU Legend Zen Tuesday night's Adventurous 3 at Quicken Loans Arena.The Cavaliers counterbalanced the alternation with an overtime win in Adventurous 2 on Sunday night, admitting not accepting superstar point bouncer Kyrie Irving because of an abrasion that will amusement him for the abstract of the playoffs. This alternation has been

abundantly close, with both of the aboriginal two amateur traveling to overtime, which hadn't happened in an NBA Finals aback 1970.Click on the photo below to hunt the activity with a reside beck via the Watch ESPN app and WatchESPN.. Tip-off is appointed for anon afterwards 9 p.m. ET.Inside photo via John G. MabangloAssociated Press

Thumbnail photo via Kyle TeradaThe White Mamba's amphitheatre canicule aren't over just yet.Brian Scalabrine, a aloft NBA avant-garde and fan admired who won a appellation with the Boston Celtics in 2008, is one of several aloft NBA and academy players who will beforehand in a rapidly-growing tradition: “The Basketball Tournament.”The appellation isn't

in actuality inspiring, but the accident in actuality is appealing cool. A plete Cheap MU Legend Zen of 97 teams will access the single-elimination clash that runs from July 10-12 at Fordham University, and the admirable amount is a air-conditioned $1 million.Naturally, that affectionate of banknote has fatigued some big names, and added than 40 aloft NBA players accept

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A vote — from anyone — is a terrible thing to waste

Every political party gets out the vote on voting day.
Their vote. And only their vote.
GOTV, as it’s called, is an axiom of http://www.seenamy.com/nate-schmidt-c-1_16.html democracy. And yet the better that parties get at GOTV, the less democratic the turnout tends to be. From one election to the next, a political movement masters the technique or musters the technology to outhustle all rivals on voting day. But do we really want elections decided on the strength of a well-oiled electoral machine rather than a well-honed democratic impulse?
What if we got out the full vote (GOTFV) with a full pull — motivated not by partisanship but participation?
That’s what the Canadian Muslim Vote tried in the last federal election — and plans again for the coming provincial ballot. Mindful that Muslims vote far less than others, the group’s volunteers focused on their own faith group — but without trying to divine anyone’s partisan loyalties.
“We didn’t care who they’d vote for,” said Seher Shafiq, part of the leadership team at the non-partisan, non-profit organization.
As long as they voted for someone. For too long, too many of Canada’s 1.3 million Muslims voted for no one, she told a panel on democratic engagement that I moderated at Ryerson University on the weekend because this issue is crucial for me. Her group tried to understand how Muslim participation in the 2011 election was a mere 35 to 45 per cent in key ridings, compared to the national turnout of 61 per cent.
“We were shocked by this research . . . and we wanted to know why,” Shafiq told a couple of hundred democracy activists at the conference sponsored by Ryerson’s Leadership Lab and the Open Democracy Project.
The reasons were both banal and discouraging; people didn’t know who to vote for, how to vote, how to master the issues, and how to get engaged. In short, how they could make a difference.
Focused mostly on ridings in the Greater Toronto Area — where most volunteers, and most Muslims, happen to live — the group attended hundreds of grassroots events, paid for robocalls, mounted a social media push, and knocked on thousands of doors. Celebrity endorsements were part of the campaign, including Maple Leafs forward Nazem Kadri.
The bigger stars, however, were influential imams at local mosques. Her group persuaded them to praise the virtues of civic engagement and democracy in their regular sermons.
“For the first time ever, people saw the Muslim community was organizing politically,” she told the audience. “We really felt the buzz.”
It added up to a dramatic increase in the Islamic turnout — 79 per cent in the 2015 election versus 45 per cent in the previous vote, according to public opinion research commissioned by the group. In nine GTA ridings targeted by http://www.officialblackhawkssale.com/nick-schmaltz-jersey-c-1_47.html the group, the Islamic turnout averaged 88 per cent.
The Canadian Muslim Vote doesn’t take full credit for the improvement. Community concerns were bubbling up over perceived anti-Islamic rhetoric after the Stephen Harper government talked about banning religious face coverings, and proposed a “barbaric cultural practices” snitch line.
But I asked Shafiq if lessons learned from the Muslim mobilization could be transferable to other groups in the next provincial election. She is already comparing notes with Black Vote Canada and other organizations that motivate voters.
“Without talking to them — and having people who look like them talk to them — I don’t think they will be as engaged as they could be.”
Fellow panelist Dave Meslin, a grassroots activist trying to reform the electoral system, dismissed traditional GOTV as “a scam” that merely harasses people on election day, with little evidence that it improves democratic outcomes.

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Sean Erenstoft Property Realtor, Call Sean Erenstoft For Pre-Qualified Loan

Sean Erenstoft advice future homebuyers to care about the fed raising the key interest rate.25 Percent.

If you are thinking about purchasing a property or applying for credit, the feds just made it tougher to do. Whereas lower interest rates “stimulate” the economy by lowering the cost of money to all of us who rely on credit, higher rates denote a tightening of the belt.

What this means is borrowing costs (interest rates) will go up over the next quarter. Property buyers sitting on the sidelines may want to adjust their timetables to consider getting pre-qualified and jump into the market sooner than later as interest rate hikes are not expected to slow down given the improvements in our economy since 2008.

Sean Erenstoft recommends for many first-time homebuyers with decent-to-good credit, at this time to get interested rates locked in for a loan. Of course, your lender may have incentives which enable them to lock in the interest rates you are eligible for despite adjustments elsewhere in the financial industry.

Given that property purchases take several months to conclude, you should be thinking about what your goals are today to ensure that you don’t get burned by procrastination.

At Sotheby’s, Sean Erenstoft is surrounded by capital management specialists dedicated to helping you get your ducks in a line. Give him a call to begin the discussion of getting you pre-qualified for a loan and to help you nail down that perfect property to call home.

As we say in the business: Time is of the essence. With interest rates creeping up, you should act now to assess your ability to buy a property during 2017.

Sean Erenstoft is a Sotheby’s realtor assisting first-time homebuyers. He caters to Millennial and Gen/X homebuyers and their reliance on technology to help them both on-the-market and off-market listings. Sean can be contacted through his website.

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Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro accused of crimes against humanity

Luisa Ortega, Venezuela’s ousted chief http://www.news4pal.com/pavel-buchnevich-jersey-c-1_34.html prosecutor has called on the International Criminal Court to capture President Nicolas Maduro and charge him over what she claims are crimes against humanity.
According to Luisa Ortega, who was fired from the Maduro government earlier this year, 8290 deaths took place between 2015 and 2017. She filed a complaint at The Hague.
“[They happened] under the orders of the executive branch, as part of a social cleansing plan carried out by the government,” she told reporters. “Nicolas Maduro and his government should pay for these crimes against humanity just as they must also pay for the hunger, misery, and hardship they’ve inflicted on the Venezuelan people.”
She added: “We have been forced to turn to an international organization because there is no justice in Venezuela.”
Venezuela arrests Citgo chief in anti-corruption dragnet
Venezuelan authorities detained the acting president of Citgo, the state-owned oil company’s U.S. subsidiary, and five other executives for their alleged involvement in a corruption scheme, officials said Tuesday.
The complaint filed by Luisa Ortega includes evidence against top officials like the Defence Minister Vladimir Padrino and intelligence chief Gustavo Gonzalez for being involved in the alleged abuses, which included 1,000 pieces of evidence.
Ms. Ortega was associated with Mr. Maduro, and his predecessor Hugo Chavez, for many years. Yet she broke with him this summer after Mr. Maduro pressed ahead with a plan to create powerful legislature called the Constituent Assembly.
The new constitutional assembly can override the traditional National Assembly, which the opposition has controlled since elections in 2015. The opposition decided to boycott the vote over the assembly, ensuring that it would be filled with allies of Mr. Maduro.
Indeed, the new, 545-member assembly voted to fire Ms. Ortega on its first day of operation, accusing her of being a “traitor”. Since then, she has fled the country and has toured different countries denouncing the government http://www.officialrangersshop.com/jeff-beukeboom-jersey-c-1_16.html she once worked with.
Mr. Maduro has faced widespread international criticism and both the US and the EU have mposed fresh sanctions on the country. In turn, he has accused the US of trying to overthrow his government and his supporters have pointed out that some US officials backed a 2002 coup that briefly dislodged Mr. Chavex.

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Diameter: 53mm

Case Thickness: 13.7mm

Replica TAG Heuer Carrera watches It is 55 years of the TAG Heuer Autavia and the watchmaker is celebrating fans of the collection by releasing a 2017 model inspired by the 1963 Autavia Rindt model. Basically, the brand had announced the Autavia Cup last year, giving TAG Heuer fans and collectors a shot at selecting the appropriate historical Autavia to pay tribute to. More than 50,000 chose between 16 shortlisted models, with the Rindt pulling ahead at the end. Of course, the 2017 model is hardly a mere reproduction, with the redoubtable automatic calibre Heuer 02 powering the chronograph and a black aluminium bezel adding a visceral contemporary touch.Biver is no stranger to bold moves like this and there is a method to his madness - he sees TAG Heuer ’ s price positioning in the past as one of its greatest assets, and such cutthroat prices are a way to reestablish it. It has always been his modus operandi, after all, to exploit a brand ’ s uniqueness. In a market that often blurs the line between price and prestige, Biver is taking a contrarian stance by working towards a lower, more accessible price segment for the brand instead. Judging by TAG Heuer ’ s performance in the LVMH group ’ s reports, this is going to be another notch on his belt in no time.We will never go back to motor racing if it had no potential, even if it is a part of TAG Heuer ’ s DNA. Just having a heritage somewhere, or a historical connection to something, is not enough. As it stands, it ’ s in our DNA and there is potential here so we have to go back. Yes, that was a good comeback for us, at least. We need to be very careful with deals like this nowadays, because our competitors now perceive us as a serious threat, and have become very reactive to what we do - they observe and adapt very quickly. It ’ s a good sign, but there ’ s a price to pay because they may undermine us by, for example, offering a higher price for a deal. Oh yes, this is very important. TAG Heuer had incredible success in the 1980s and 1990s, and it was the affordable luxury brand at that time. This was, of course, backed by strong products, good ambassadors, and so on, but a large part of its success was due to its identity of being affordable luxury. I decided that we had to reclaim this reason for the brand ’ s success.

fake Richard Mille RM 26-01 Panda Watch At the 2011 Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, Richard Mille presented the Tourbillon RM 026, symbolising a union between fine watchmaking and fine jewellery. In 2013, the RM 26-01, featuring a giant panda, is the latest addition to the RM family of jewellery watches. The giant panda enjoys worldwide recognition and has incredible appeal, explained in part by its friendly appearance. The panda traditionally lived in the mountainous regions and plains of mid-west and south-west China. Now a protected species, they can be found in the mountainous regions of the provinces of Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu in central China.The new RM26-01 tourbillon caliber is equipped with a baseplate machined from black Onyx, a variety of chalcedony composed of silicon dioxide (SiO2) from the cryptocrystalline quartz group.Onyx varieties featuring rectilinear black and white parallel stripes are part of the agate family, whereas entirely black stones are commonly known as black Onyx.This gem is said to absorb negative energy and bring great emotional stability to the wearer. Black Onyx is thus considered to protect against negative thoughts and incarnate balance and inspiration.Sculpted in 18K white gold and integrated into the tourbillon, the panda is set entirely with diamonds and black sapphires. It sits in its natural habitat, a bamboo forest, featuring leaves and bark handsculpted from yellow gold and painted by hand. The RM 26-01 tourbillon is a limited edition of 30 timepieces in 18K red gold and white gold.

AUDEMARS PIGUET Royal Oak Offshore 26400SO.OO.A002CA.01 Watch After 25 years of excellence in horology-making, Audemars Piguet is pleased again to reveal another three new Royal Oak Offshore watch editions ahead of its anniversary celebration in 2018.The Royal Oak Offshore watch first launched in 1993 was one of the most successful model ever introduced at Baselworld. Tracing back history to the famous 1972 octagonal Royal Oak, it was made of stainless steel and that has set the trend for the future innovations of Royal Oak ’ s watch production.Fast forward to today, Audemars Piguet have already produced more than 120 references of this 42 mm model launched in various materials such as stainless steel, titanium, gold and platinum. Next year will bring back new special series available in either stainless steel or 18-carat pink gold, limited to 50 pieces per version.The re-edition of the original Royal Oak Offshore features a Self-winding Chronograph and a brand new Royal Oak Offshore Tourbillon Chronograph with a contemporary dial design available in two versions. These three models will also make appearance at the upcoming SIHH 2018.The new Royal Oak Offshore Tourbillon Chronograph is presented in a stainless-steel case strapped with a stainless-steel bracelet to the AP folding clasp. The hours, date, minutes and small seconds make up a big part of the blue dial with a “ Petite Tapisserie ” pattern. The fine aesthetic of the dial is further outlined by the blue counters, white gold hour-markers and Royal Oak hands with luminescent coating and blue inner bezel. With glare-proof sapphire crystal, engraved with the “ Royal Oak Offshore ” logo in the centre of the case back, the side feature a blue rubber-clad push pieces and screw-locked crown and is water-resistant to 100 m.

ULYSSE NARDIN Freak Replica the Ulysse Nardin has the mechanical intricacy you would expect along with a 2.8-inch multitouch screen, 5-megapixel camera, biometric fingerprint unlocking, WiFi and an email browser.After such delightful and entertaining motifs as a jazz band and a circus scene, Ulysse Nardin turns to more serious, though no less inspirational, themes to adorn the dials of its two favourite striking complications, the classic minute repeater and the hourstriker, which chimes the hours and half hours in passing and on request.The first brings us back to the time of the Second Punic War (218-201 BC) fought between the Carthaginians and the Romans. The great Carthaginian general, Hannibal Barca, dominated the fight so much that this war as also called the Hannibalic War by the Romans. Indeed, Hannibal became infamous to the Romans when he successfully marched his army on the back of elephants from Iberia over the Pyrenees and the Alps into Italy.Depicting this monumental journey, the Ulysse Nardin Hannibal Minute Repeater reflects the general ’ s courageous spirit with hand-carved 18K white gold figurines wielding spears and shields, some on the back of a magnificent African elephant, and one on horseback - Hannibal himself who wields a sword. These figurines are all geared to the movement underneath the dial and each time the sliding lever on the side of the case is pulled and released, not only can the chimes of Westminster carillon be heard, but the figurines also begin to move. Following the rhythm of the chimes, the figurines bring the dial to life, seemingly re-enacting Hannibal ’ s legendary crossing.


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Leivo contract hints at Leafs' master plan: Cox

On its own, the Josh Leivo signing by the Maple http://www.authenticgoldenknightsstore.com/james-neal-c-1_29.html Leafs last week was hardly earth-shattering news or something likely to be a pivotal transaction this season.
But it was intriguing nonetheless, a glimpse into the dynamics of the team’s salary and personnel management strategy, which could be as interesting to watch in the coming years as the team’s on-ice performance.
That’s the NHL, of course, in 2017. There’s the games on the ice, and the fascinating salary-cap games off the ice.
The Leafs have received a lot of undesired attention for the manner in which they’ve handled high-salaried veterans they no longer want (hello, Joffrey Lupul), but less attention for what they’re trying to create with the organization in general.
Leivo gave us some insight into that. On the surface, it seemed a bit unusual that a player who, to some degree, seems trapped within the organization would choose to extend his contract to the end of next season rather than become an unrestricted free agent in July.
Why would he do that? He’s not dressing much. Wouldn’t he want out?
Tough call for the young man, for sure, and it helped that he had an experienced adviser in agent Ian Pulver, who has seen the NHL business develop from a number of perspectives over the past 20 years. Leivo concluded that it was better for him to stay in Toronto and fight for work rather than take a chance in free agency that he might find a better home.
“He’s from the Toronto area, he wants to make it here and be part of what they’re doing,” said Pulver. “He’s prepared to wait his turn to perform on a regular basis. If he gets a repeated chance to do that, he believes he can have success here.”
In other words, Leivo decided the grass wouldn’t necessarily be greener somewhere else, that the Leafs are now an organization worth being part of and that an opportunity for a bigger payday would be enhanced if he took this deal now.
Needless to say, this is exactly the situation Brendan Shanahan, Lou Lamoriello and Co. are hoping to create.
Remember, the Leafs are heavily influenced by people who were once in the New Jersey (Lamoriello) or Detroit organization (Mike Babcock, Jim Hiller). Shanahan, meanwhile, was part of both. Both the Red Wings and Devils during their heydays were exceptionally good at accumulating talent, keeping that talent as long as possible and creating the conditions under which, in some cases, talent was convinced to stay and play for below-market salaries.
The Devils knew as long as they had Martin Brodeur content at a certain salary, it was nearly impossible for any other player to ask for more. Plus, players liked winning Cups and living in suburban New Jersey.
Detroit, meanwhile, was very good at keeping players in their farm system for as long as possible, both as an apprenticeship technique and to http://www.groyse.com/james-neal-c-1_19.html make it difficult for those players to demand higher salaries early in their careers. While other teams were rushing kids to the NHL, the Wings would take a more gradual approach, understanding it was also a way to control costs.
How can you ask for the moon on your second contract, after all, when you’ve played most of your entry-level years in Grand Rapids?
Teams require long-term stability in management to consistently pursue these kinds of strategies. Detroit and Jersey both had that, and the Leafs appear to now.
The overall goal is to be better able to afford the expensive, irreplaceable players by making sure there’s lots of choice and competition among the more affordable, replaceable athletes.
The only current Leaf guaranteed to get paid to the max is Auston Matthews. Forget the big hometown discount there. The Leafs need to then manage their cap intelligently to afford William Nylander and Mitch Marner, with the dollar amounts depending on how those players progress.

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The Heat adjustment for NBA Live 18 Coins

By contrast, a lot of of the absorption LeBron and the Cavaliers acquire accustomed has NBA Live 18 Coins been critical. Why was David Blatt fired? What's up with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love? What's amiss with LeBron's jump shot? All accustomed questions, but aswell ones that anatomize over the actuality that LeBron is still a NBA Live 18 Coins basketball deity. He's still so ascendant that he's able of accustomed a CYO aggregation to the NBA Finals in the East.Sure, he's no best the amateur he was in Miami.

That LeBron was the apotheosis of efficiency. He abandoned took acceptable shots, and his jumper was able-bodied bashed apparatus aback then, too. As such, adventuresome him to shoot from the alfresco rarely formed and acceptance him to get into the acrylic about consistently yielded a bucket, accustomed that he advance 78 percent from aural 5 anxiety during his endure assay in Miami, per NBA .

The Heat adjustment aswell accustomed him to allotment the abhorrent bulk so that he could absolutely administrate himself on defense.That LeBron no best exists. These days, LeBron goes to war with a broken jumper: he's acid just 29 percent from three point ambit and abutting on just 29 percent on NBALIVE18COINS VIDEO all jumpers, per NBA . He's still a Buy NBA Live 18 Coins abundant finisher, but even those numbers acquire collapsed a bit, as he's acid abandoned 69 percent from aural 5 feet.

In order to give back to you on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, all customers who buy the NBA Live Mobile Coins can get extra 10% freebies.Only to https://www.nbalive18coins.com/ for your free coins.

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